Are You Ready for March Madness?

Support Rotary, Have Fun and Hopefully Win Some MONEY!

Each of the teams selected for the tournament will be sold for $100 ($105 for payment by credit card – SEE LINK BELOW). ALL ENTRIES ARE DUE BY 5:00 PM March 17th

A random drawing for teams will take place at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, March 18 at Deerfield Bank & Trust in Deerfield. The tournament begins March 19 with play-in games and ends April 8. 

The link at the bottom of this form allows payment by credit card ($5 service fee).

After the Brackets are created, each player will receive a team from the random drawing. (Assigned teams and brackets will be emailed to you.) 

On game day, each team will be assigned a point spread using that morning’s Chicago Tribune (or Fox Sports, if the Tribune is unavailable). No whole numbers will be used, 1/2 point will be added to any whole number point spread (8 will be 8 1⁄2, 22 will be 22 1⁄2 ......). If your team is the favorite and covers the point spread, you keep the team
and move onto the next round. If your team is the underdog and loses by less than the
point spread, you capture the winning team and move on to the next round.

Any questions please contact: Shiela Steiner, 847-418-2846,, or Andrew Lichterman, 847-650-0075,, or Barbara Struthers,