We were able to raise more than $3,000 for the Children's Advocacy Center with our 2-mile Walk with Mitchell 30 April. About 30 dogs and their owners took part, from tiny Bichon Frise to huge Mastiffs. 

Mitchell is a very special therapy dog that comforts the children of abuse at the Children’s Advocacy Center. You can still make a donation to the Advocacy Center to support the walk and their great work.  
The Lake County Children’s Advocacy Center (a nonprofit divsion of the Lake County State’s Attorney’s office) prosecutes hundreds of cases of child abuse each year. Each of these cases start with an interview in one of four interviewing rooms. Currently only two of these rooms can be used because necessary video equipment is broken or unavailable. The cost to replace this equipment is $40,000. Our goal is to make a dent in that cost.
More on the Advocacy Center
The Children’s Advocacy Center is committed to providing a safe environment for child victims of abuse. The goal of The Center is to investigate and help successfully prosecute offenders of child abuse without causing further trauma to the child victim. Furthermore, the Advocacy Center is dedicated to approaching victims of child abuse in a sensitive, respectful manner. Child Victim is defined as anyone from birth to eighteen years of age. The Center will provide services to individuals beyond age eighteen when special circumstances (i.e. developmental disability) require such.
More on Mitchell
Mitchell is a yellow Labrador Retriever born July 19, 2013. Shortly after his birth, Mitchell was selected for training as a service dog based upon his temperament, attitude, and interaction with people. Mitchell was donated to the State’s Attorney’s Office by Support Dogs, Inc, a national not-for-profit organization accredited by Assistance Dogs International. The Center is a division of the State’s Attorney’s Office that assists with the investigation and prosecution of crimes involving the sexual and physical abuse of children. Mitchell provides comfort, compassion, and companionship to these children. When needed, Mitchell will accompany children as they talk with officials about their abuse.