We are pleased to present to you the New Old Pinion!
Due to a variety of production reasons, your Pinion editor has decided to revert to the old format of doing the Pinion as a PDF. You can download copies of past issues from the download box on the lower right corner of the home page. We have simplified the design of the Pinion slightly, condensing it to one, letter-size page.

Longtime members will no doubt recall the Pinion when it was "taller," and two-sided, with the back side holding the roster. A few years ago, when the Pinion changed editors, the new editor decided to go to a one page model for simplicity, and the roster became a separate handout. When the Pinion was reborn yet again earlier this year, it briefly came back as a letter-size, two-sided publication. Operations switched over to the clubrunner generated bulletin for several weeks after that. But due to the uncertainities of that method, and popular demand for the vintage look, this elegant print publication is back.