The Rotary Club of Huatulco is having a raffle on 18 February for a beautiful pair of sapphire earrings valued at $500. Tickets cost $5 each. The proceeds will support the library that we helped to build (see story below). If you are interested in purchasing tickets, please contact our club and ask for Peter Fitzgerald.
“The library is becoming more known and we are beginning to present activities (Day of the Dead Altar Contest & Christmas Posada for the Triquis Tribe and surrounding neighborhood children of which more than 100 children attended) and lectures (on the history of Huatulco beginning from the Prehispanic and Columbian eras), events that we hope will shine a beacon of light in the community.  But still much to do and we will be focusing on the next phase of construction (cistern, registration, cafeteria and storage/book processing module) after the holidays”.