To help children have access to books, the Huatulco Rotary club, in conjunction with the Deerfield Rotary Club, plan to create a learning center in the U2 sector of Huatulco, Mexico.


The U2 sector is the poorest of Huatulco.  Here there are several schools, but most of them hardly have classrooms and none has a library.  Many schools lack desks, books and basic school supplies. There are no books in people’s homes. 

Generations of families have supported themselves by long days and nights of selling hand-made goods and trinkets to tourists.  Unable to communicate in English, these natives rely on bargaining to eke out their living.  Most make less than $10.00 per dayIn March 2013, the City Council of Santa María Huatulco, represented by the Municipal President Lorenzo Lavariega Arista donated 1,175 square meters of land located in the populous U2 Sector in Huatulco to the Rotary Club of Bahias de Huatulco for the construction of the Learning Center.  

Download our information sheet about the project.