We are excited to expand our Shared Membership Program. In November, we welcomed shared members from the Deerfield Public Library and Deerfield School District 109 (pictured right). This month, we are adding the Deerfield Park District.  Learn how our shared membership program works and contact us if you are interested in joining.
Peter Fitzgerald, president of the Deerfield Rotary Club, explains that the shared membership is allowing our club to expand our presence in the community while making it easier for individuals to meet membership requirements. Up to five people can share a membership, taking turns attending meetings. The club has 12 shared members from four governmental organizations, the Deerfield Library, West Deerfield Township, Deerfield Public School District 109, and Deerfield Park District.
Amy Falasz-Peterson, director of the Deerfield Public Library, shares a membership with three staff members. “It gives my staff the chance to meet people in the community that they might not meet otherwise,” she says. “It’s working really well for us.”